Monday, May 12th, 2014

Good Morning!

We're pretty much taking over
Tony's Studio B this week, in one way
or another.

Wednesday Night - 
Jason Baker & Big Doins from 7-10
Thursday Night - 
Zach Rogers Jazz Ensemble from 7-10
Friday & Saturday Night - 
Brian Sutherland Band - 8-11


Monday, April 21, 2014

Good morning!
We hope you had a lovely Easter!

What a wonderful weekend it was.
Friends, family, fans, what more
could anyone ask for?

Alas, back to work, back to Monday.
Today, and for the next 43 days, we
are on a mission...

Operation: Raise $7,000

Through the help of a new 
IndieGoGo campaign, designed by
our very own Adrienne Kneebone, and
video's by our friend Keith Greene at
Deffitt Red Productions.

The Campaign went live on Friday and 
so far we've reached $310 dollars. 
Really great for 2 days! 

If you would like to contribute (please!)
then only click the IndieGoGo link!

We love you guys, this money is going
to help us finish this record and get us
on the road playing for new fans in
other cities and states!

Brian Sutherland Band on IndieGoGo!


Saturday, April 5th, 2014

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Today is a big day for us!  Tonight we
debut as the 'Brian Sutherland Band'
for the first time at the Child of the Sun
Music Festival here in Lakeland.
The event is held downtown at the
Lake Mirror Ampitheater

Music starts at 3, we go on at 6.

We also have updated the 'Shows' tab
on the site, so make sure you find
where we're going to be playing!

Also, being that we are changing
the name of the group and adding
more faces, we are also changing

Check back for updates and first looks!

Be safe, and be well.  



Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Good Morning!

This morning we were in the company
of some amazing folks!

Thanks Dave & Veronica
from 99.5 FM WQYK for having
us this morning!

The finished product of our
Write a Song Wednesday performance
can be found below by clicking
on the photo!

Also!  We have a new track to share
with you today too! 

This song is called, "It's No Accident"
and it's a tune we are really proud of.

Click and Download for FREE
Share, Like, and Comment Please!




Monday, January 13th, 2014

Happy Monday folks!

I had an interesting experience this
week playing at Patio850, on
Wednesday, I performed with Zach and
it went really well.  On Thursday, I
performed the same venue with Jason
and it too went really well.  It's always
eye opening when playing with different
musicians, with different characteristics.

It's not unlike cooking, every ingredient
has it's own distinctive flavor and very
unique effect on the taste of the overall
palette, so to is true with musicians.

I am lucky to sit at this table and eat.

be good to the world.



Monday, January 6th, 2014


Hope you are well and dandy in this
great NEW YEAR! Time for new
opportunities and fresh beginnings.

BST has only 2 new years resolutions:




we are working really hard to get
some new songs written and recorded
and waiting to hear from some venues
for tour stops.

(ps if you'd like to see us in YOUR town
then please let us know!)

Other than that, keep on keepin' on
and we'll see you out at the shows!



Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Hey y'all, TONIGHT!


Thursday, November 14th, 2013

Yesterday we had some amazing fun
with two of the best radio personalities
we've ever been fortunate enough to
meet and work with.

We'd like to thank Dave & Veronica
from 99.5 FM WQYK for all of their
outstanding support and for their
commitment to creativity. 

You can find our most recent

It's called "I Show My Behind"

Here are the lyrics

I sing classical music while chewing tobacco
rhythm & blues while smoking my cigar
With my seeing eye dog sitting by my side
I sing polka & jazz while washing my car
Country is my favorite after several jars of shine
But, if you drink too much, You know you’ll go blind
I do the two-step on the way to the outhouse
When I drink that shine, I show my behind

Thank you for all your love and support



Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Good Morning Folks!

Hope this message finds you all well.

Here's some news!

On Sept 11th, Brian joined musicians
Justin Grimes & Eugene Roberts
on the morning show for 99.5 WQYK
with Dave and Veronica for their weekly
"Write a Song Wednesday"

You can see what came of some very
interesting lyrics by clicking on the pic.

We have September & October dates
posted now on the "shows" tab.  We're
very excited to be playing out at
Tony's Studio B.  We even decided to
make a video there of us doing a
Civil Wars cover, "Forget Me Not"

Check it out below!

We also want to welcome on board
a very dear and talented friend who is
now unofficially playing every possible
gig with us!

The Hilarious and Talented

His nickname is Cornbread.

Also had a chance to get a quick little
photo session with our friend
Dalton Davis Productions

Go 'Like' His Page too!!!!

We want to let you know about
a pretty awesome concert coming
in October here in Lakeland. 

Most anyone who has ever seen us
has done so while having dinner or
in general out at a restaurant.  We love
playing those concerts because there's
a freedom in it that is unmatched
in other venues.  However, we want
to share with you all our original music,
be able to talk about it and interact with
you in a Listening Room kind of venue.

We now have that opportunity.

On October 19th, here in Lakeland,
BST will be performing our very first
House Concert!
(cue majestic symphony roar!)

The concert will be put on by:
Among Friends House Concerts

You should go 'Like' them!!!

It will begin at or around 7 pm, there
will be food and beverage and the
seats will be very limited. 

A donation at the door will be the only
cost to you. 

We are SO EXCITED to have this
opportunity.  We have had a lot of fun
learning and arranging other artists
music, but now we get to actually
Share our music with you.

super pumped.

Make sure you come out and say hi
this month and we'll be keen to return
the favor!

All of our love and thanks!



Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Okay, I know it's not the 4th, but come
on?!, the 9th kicks butt too.

Like in 1367, when Charles IV, Holy
Roman Emperor assisted in laying the
foundation stone of the Charles Bridge
in Prague... see! There's one you didn't
already know about... BOOM.

Also today in history, like 10 min ago,
I posted a new YouTube video for you
all to enjoy, critique, share, like, hate,
whatever it is you do with other
YouTube videos.

Check it out below!

Jason Isbell, "Daisy Mae" cover

Also happening this lovely week!


Live at the Orpheum in Ybor
SUNDAY 7/14/13

tickets are 5 and I HAVE SOME
message or email me and we'll
figure it all out homie!

Be Good to You and to everyone else


Wednesday June 5 2013

We just finished having a BLAST with
two of THE coolest DJ's in town. 
Mr. Dave and Ms. Veronica from
CBS radio's WQYK 99.5 FM - Tampa.

It was the Trio's debut on the stations
"Write A Song Wednesday"


You can find Adrienne and I out tonight
at Lakeland's Patio850 from 6-9

We will be joined by a dear friend
on fiddle.... Mr. Jason Baker

Be well and Love all



Tuesday May 14 2013

Hope you are well! We're playing a new
venue this week here in Lakeland at
our good friend Tony's Studio B
in downtown.

Music starts at 7pm and runs until 10

Come out and say hey to us, or stop in
for a drink or two, or for the AMAZING
menu they are offering.  Lets give all
the folks over there a nice big




Monday May 6 2013

Hey there folks, hope you're doing well.
It's been a long while since I've updated
this website and I realize more everyday
how irresponsible we get with it.  But
no matter, we have about 10 dates
coming up here in May and June with
some more TBA.  Check over to our
Facebook and Twitter for updates.

We love you all and are really grateful
for your continued support.



Saturday January 19 2013

I'm a little late but HAPPY NEW YEAR!
We've had a lot going on the past few
weeks and I haven't had a chance to
sit down and talk about it all with you.

First off, welcome Zach to Lakeland!
He is now a Lakeland resident, so

Please go over and check out the
Show's tab, we have updated to March
and send us an email with what you'd
like to hear from us in 2013.

Have a great day and a lovely year!


Monday November 26 2012

Happy Cyber Monday to Everyone!

We've been really busy here lately with
holidays and families and concerts, not
to mention traveling and work, and for
me these take home finals for school.

We wanted to let you know that we'll
be returning to Fresco's on December 1
with a special guest group from here
in Lakeland called Davis Miles! They
are going to be doing a short 5-6 song
set starting around 9 pm on Saturday.

Personally I think it's gonna be....

On Friday however, we have an even
cooler evening planned.  Starting at 6,
we'll be opening up a show:

Evolution Records - Lakeland, FL

Haily Taylor
Lyra Drive
Picking Up Napolean

We've never had the chance to play
with Ty & Trey so we're really pumped.
Make sure you don't miss this one.

Thank you for your support, your love,
and you.



Friday October 26 2012

The last few weeks have been nothing
short of bliss for us as a band,
so thank you.

Last week we had probably the best
Fresco's night in BST history!
(as pictured below :)

(Our good friends Corey and Forest from Autograph Moon hoe-downing to some
Johnny Cash with Adrienne at Fresco's, October 20th)

We'll be back there for November 2.


Thursday October 18 2012

We had a great time with our friends
down at Overlook Point in Lakeland
for the unveiling of the new statue

Bronze Swan Sculpture Dedication
BST Having some fun at the dedication

Last night Adrienne and I had a lovely
evening with the great folks over at
La Porta Rossa in Lakeland too.

We unveiled some new songs and a
possibly new instrumental addition!
You're going to have to come see us
to find out what we have in the works
for the end of 2012 and early 2013!

Make sure you keep checking back
here and go see us on iTunes,
Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud,
Reverb Nation, and YouTube!

(head to contacts for links)

Thanks for the love.



Sunday October 14 2012

We had so much fun at Red Door this
weekend!, thanks to everyone for
coming out and partying with us.

Looking ahead now to the dedication
of a new statue here in Lakeland
at Overlook Point, and La Porta Rossa
on Wednesday night.

(May or may not be sharing some
new original music at LPR on Wed.)

:) - We Love You All!!!



This is going to be the last night
Red Door Wine Market will be open
before the doors close and open
at their new location on Palmetto. 

Please Please Please come out and
have some fun with us. 

So looking forward to seeing them off!

Released March 28th!